Thursday, September 29, 2011

So in March I blinked and it was the end of September. Don't you hate it when that happens?!

I got a serious wake up call when my little sister turned 18 and became legal 2 weeks ago. And that's your little, baby cousin for a lot of you who read this, I won't be feeling old alone! She is busy wrapping up her final year at school, final exams start in just a few weeks, and that's it! She has yet to fully decide what she's up to next year, there is talk of her taking over my au pair job as i finish up at the end of this year, but nothing set in stone as of yet.

Yes, it is true, I finally finish up at varsity at the end of the year, 22 November to be exact! I should be studying right now, actually, but thought I'd write a quick post instead! As excited as I am to finish, 2012 haunts me as the year I have to become a grown up - with a little anxiousness, but a huge amount of excitement. I have dreams of moving out into a place in the center of bustling Durban with a few friends, of buying a new car and wearing nice outfits to work everyday. I finish with a qualification in Marketing, and was called in for an interview at Mr Price (a HUGE clothes/home/sport retailer here in SA) head quarters a little while ago, there might be some opportunities for next year at the company. I really have just placed this is God's hands, it is an incredible place to start out a career, with great capacity to grow and learn. (and from what I've heard employees get major discounts on clothes and Mr Price stuff - reason enough!) But lets not put all our eggs into one basket - or count our chickens before they hatch! I'm open to any opportunities that come my way, and God has promised huge things. ooooh i can't wait!

I will be leaving the family that I've been au pairing for for 3 and a half years though, this is tough. I don't look forward to it, though I need a new challenge. It breaks my heart at the thought of it, they have been so good to me, I feel part of the family and those 4 kids have crawled into my heart, never to leave.

On a sadder note, my Grandpa, my dad's dad, passed away in August after long 9 weeks in ICU, heavily sedated, after a stomach op and a battle with septicemia after the op. As sad as it was, it brought the family together like never before. As we all sat outside looking back at old pictures, letters and books. He would have loved to see us all laughing (and crying) together. He couldn't wait to meet his Creator.

The day before the death of my Grandpa, we all celebrated new life when my newest little second cousin, Cayson Kai, was born. Apparently I can't call him my nephew, if that was the case I'd have been an aunty a long time ago i guess, but i adore this little thing! Kay is such a great mom, and Byron has taken to fatherhood like a duck to water. Little Cayson is a perfect little miracle, he has the greatest grandparents also and is just so loved. Needless to say, it was an overwhelming weekend to say the least.

Though I like to think you enjoy my posts, looking back at this year, and forward at whats still to come, I am overwhelmed by gratefulness - God's hand is so evidently present over every decision I make - I get a heck of a lot out of blogging also, is what I am trying to say!

So before I go, I leave you with this: We're (like 16 of us) roadtripping to Jo'burg for Coldplay and the Symphonic Rocks concert next weekend and I am SO excited! - a blog about that to come I'm sure!

love, always.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

twenty eleven

I had to think really hard where to pick up from, its been so long since i blogged! It was all still Chrismassy when i logged on - apologies! Happy new year, rather, everybody! i hope that 2011 is matchless!

what an incredible year it has started out to be, we ended off 2010 with spans of family in JHB this year, and then off the to farm for New Year. it was most exciting because some of my cousins from the US were coming to visit (its been ages since they came) and also, on NY eve, my aunt announced that my other cuzzie is pregnant! our family is ever growing, its hard to keep up! i do feel sorry for the Milne spouses one day, bacause its not like they will have "eased" into this insanity that is my very large, extended family. A friend told me the other day that i am the girl that every man dreads to marry - too much family! it's the most fun you've ever had though, i can assure you!

The Frays dropped into Durbz a weekend in January, we did some of the touristy stuff, but to chill on the beach, or the verandah, or in the jacuzzi (HAHHHT TUUUB) was my favourite. It was like we'd never been apart. Goodbyes were hard, as they always are, but each time this happens i am more determined to make plans to get over there again.

2011 is a relatively important year for me, its my last year of varsity. its now time to grow up and get a proper job. i am treasuring my free and flexible mornings and easy afternoons more than ever. though i get excited for bigger and better things next year. where to even start?! i'm looking at moving out next year too, much to my dad's dismay, he wants us all around for a bit longer! i think it's time though! there's lots to consider!

i pledge to blog a bit more this year, or i pledge to TRY and blog a bit more. i hope 2011 is a great year for you, i know it'll be for me, i can feel it in my bones! God is getting mr ready for something huge, i just know it!

Until next time, all my love.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Carmen's farewell...

My best friend since I moved to Durban, Carmen, is moving to Johannesburg. Or, she has already. It was a sudden thing, literally all happened in a month and I am devastated still. Her family was/is my second family and I still can't believe they are not just down the road from me anymore. We had a farewell for her, and it was a great send off! Here's to many road trips to Jo'burg!

Mkhuze - (mmm-koo-zee)

One of my very good friends from school, Megan, finished her degree in Dietetics last year, and as per law she is required to do one year of community service at a rural hospital somewhere. She was appointed to Bathesda in Mkhuze, which is somwhere up the North Coast but far more inland. She's been asking us (my best friend Carmen and I) to come and visit for ages, so we found a weekend that worked for all of us and made the 3 hour trip up. I was expecting a one-horse town with, well, nothing really. And on first impression it was exactly that! Meg had told us she had made friends and went to the local country club often for lots of socialising, I figured she was lying. But I could not have been more wrong - turns out Mkhuze is so popular, it has lots of Game Reserves and we met so many of the locals who are mainly game rangers and farmers. They were lots of fun and so hospitable, they took us on game drives and treated us to lunch. Meg also took us up to a new hotel called Tiger Lodge which is situated on the Jozini Dam (very popular Tiger fishing dam and breath-takingly beautiful) for sundowners. It was stunning! That night we did head to the local country club, and it was buzzing! Where all the people came from I could not tell you!

The hospital she works at is so clean and well kept, for some place in the middle of no where I was so impressed! She comes home at the end of the year and I think she'll actually be sad to leave! I even was... here are just a few pics.

My best friend, Carmen and I...
Rhino on on of the game drives.

Our "social" in the middle of no where.

Carmen and Megan at Tiger Lodge.

Jozini Dam, view form Tiger Lodge. So beautiful!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm feeling the Christmas spirit, can you tell?

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year, without a doubt! It helps that my birthday is right before, but watching the decorations go up in all the malls and shops brings uncontained joy to my heart and a puts a new spring into my step! I am a sucker for carols, cinnamon, baubals, glitter and all things Christmas!

I am especially excited for the festive season of 2010 as the Frays, (my Aunt, Uncle and cousins) are coming to South Africa for the first time in too long... I am ecstatic, I am counting down the days, and though we may not be spending Christmas together, this might just be the best start to the New Year, ever. I am all about family, this is such a treat! I'll be sure to blog...

Next month, right before Christmas, marks the 3rd year since my trip to the States, and it hits me so hard every year, what a special Christmas that was - not white, but very cold - with family I hardly knew but have always missed. What I wouldn't give to have you all here with us...

I have yet to finish finals, still a week to go, it's been a tough, difficult year university-wise, but what an exciting Holiday Season to look forward to! I think I may be looking a bit too "forward" though... Lets finish exams first, before we start reflecting back on 2010...

All my love and promises to blog more...


Monday, September 20, 2010

a night at the Royal Ascot

Seems I blog a whole lot about 21st's we go to! This post is no different! The theme was "the Royal Ascot" - horse races... it was a super fun night - Kuen hogged my camera, you may notice!

Kelsey, the birthday girl! I love this chick!